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Helpful Tips if Someone You Love Has Cancer

My husband was diagnosed with cancer at age 37 and relapsed three times before eventually dying from complications of cancer treatment.  We went through the roller coaster four times and each time some things were helpful and some were not.  Here’s my best advice for helping a loved one who has cancer.

a friend helps a friend during cancer

Your friend has cancer – what you should say (and not say).

Your words should offer support, encouragement and comfort.

Things to say:

I am here to support you – people need to know that they have a support system.  They don’t yet know what they need, but knowing they have friends to lean on is important.



support for a loved one during cancer

A new cancer diagnosis is shocking and scary.  Discover five ways you can help. 

They are your friends and you want to help but what can you do besides make a casserole?

Five Things You Can Do to Help

Help organize people who want to help.  Everyone wants to help but there are only so many casseroles one family can eat.  One of the most useful things is to become the “coordinator”...



talking to a friend who has cancer

10 Practical Tips for Being Prepared When a Loved One Gets Cancer or Any Major Illness

Based on my experience in dealing with the illness and death of loved one, these are some of the practical things I learned along the way.  None of it is rocket science, but over the years I have encountered enough smart, competent friends who have been caught off guard when a loved one is hit with cancer or another major illness. I recognize that families are complicated and that not all of this will apply to everyone, but most tips will help.